Strategics defined is the art of strategy. We use that creative approach to develop a strategic communication plan every step of the way. Rather than relying on tactics to drive strategy, we begin with a core set of services that put ideas first. Once you know what you want to say and how you want to say it, exploring the right channels for your message becomes easier.

Strategics offers:

Message Development

  • You have a big idea. A new product. A service that can improve the lives of your targeted group. We’ll help you develop your message into the language your audience speaks.

Message Mapping

  • When you’re going somewhere new, you need a map. We work with you to create a message map that clarifies who you are, what you do and how you are different from your competitors. An easy, effective message that takes you there.

Media Consulting

  • Traditional media + social media = new media. In this changing landscape, how can you identify the right people to share your message with and be sure that they’re really listening? We’ll help you navigate this world of new media so you can be sure your audience hears what you have to share.

Media Training

  • Even the most polished professionals can find speaking to the media an intimidating prospect. Media training helps dispel concerns and builds the confidence of your spokespeople. We’ll help you stay on message through mock interviews and learn to anticipate the curve balls that may come your way.

Crisis Management

  • Even the best organizations and companies can find themselves dealing with a crisis. Developing a communication plan for times like these may mean the difference between front-page news and a mere footnote. We’ll help you create strategic communications that guide your organization or company into smoother waters.

Board & Staff Training

  • Communications training goes beyond preparation for the media. Now more than ever, board members and staff must have the same training in your organization’s message as your official spokespeople. Each person who touches your organization is a potential ambassador for your brand. We’ll help you give them the tools they need to stay on message when they serve as the face of the organization in a variety of settings.